The Caliburn Pod System are small in size but they packs real power. They may look miniature, like many other pod systems, but they hold more power than meets the eye. 

Unlike many other well-known pod system brands, they hold a powerful 520 mAh battery, an impressive 200-300 mAh higher compared to others in its class. This in itself gives you more time and vaping power before needing a recharge. That’s the trademark of the small but mighty Uwell Caliburn Pod System

Caliburn pod coils come ready at 1.4 ohm with a 2ml capacity in line with government regulation. The pods are refillable through the mouthpiece as these are not single use devices, so they can be used again and again. 

Uwell has placed two vents to facilitate the process on either side of the pod itself, so refilling is fast and easy. All you need to do is squeeze e-juice from one vent to another. The Caliburn pod connects to the battery unit through the magnetic connectors, another simple and easy design choice.

Some have said that the inhaling angle and weight of the Uwell Caliburn Disposable Pods mouthpiece makes it feel like you’re smoking a real cigarette, which could feed a sense of nostalgia. Still, it’s much cleaner and offers all the benefits of vaping. 

Another excellent feature of the Uwell Caliburn pods is that it can produce more vapor, more quickly, due to its size and available power with its 11 watt battery. The vapor output comes fixed between MTL and DTL and is measured to be the perfect match for its size and voltage.

Many users love the premium feel of the Caliburn casing, which is made entirely from aluminum, and very comfortable to handle. The device can easily be turned on and off with one firing button, and inhaling on the device will also switch it on automatically. Yet, despite the premium, stylish feel and functions, the Caliburn is very affordable.

The technical specifications are: USB charging, integrated 520 mAh battery, rechargeable 2 ml pod, 1.4 ohm, weighs 32g, measures 110 x 21.2 x 11.6 mm, aluminum body, packaged in 2 pods with USB cable when delivered.

So, try the Caliburn Pod System from Disposable Vapers today and experience it’s small, compact design boosted by mighty power and product satisfaction.