Do you want to know the secret on how to prolong the life of your printer and maximize its output on daily use? If so, proper care and maintenance for your printer, plotter or photocopier will help unsure its longevity. Many other devices may last longer when they are properly maintained and handled with care. This simple tip can make your printer be productive and will help minimise costs for repairs.

Are you interested to know the simple ways on how to care for your printer? If so, the below can be helpful and useful for you.

  •    Print regularly. In order to prevent ink from drying up, regular printing will help. A printer with dried ink will lead to problems such as a poor printed results. It may also become an obstacle to the tubes and avoid ink for printing. As a maintenance and proper care print weekly if you seldom use your printer.
  •    Choose the best ink refill. Don’t just choose a cheap ink refill, it won’t guarantee you from achieving the best-printed output. It may also damage your printer and may block the ink pathway and damage the printer head.
  •    Don’t abuse the printer by letting the ink run out. Running a printer with empty ink can damage the printer head and may damage the hardware itself.
  •    Clean the printer head. Maintaining and cleaning the printer head prolongs the life of the printer. It also helps the printer to print with high and great resolution. When left uncleaned it causes poor printing due to clogged.

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