How Did Boxing & MMA Evolve From the Staged Fights of Medieval Times?

It is easy to forget that the sport of boxing and mixed martial arts was not always regulated. In fact, they originated from staged battles in Medieval times.

The sport of boxing began with savagely fought Royal Boxing Matches. Kings would raise large sums of money for these fights which led to the rise of professional boxing.

MMA has evolved from the staged fights of Medieval times as well, but it has taken a different route to get there. It was not until the 1990s when UFC took off that MMA became regulated and turned into a mainstream sport.

Which Is More Popular Boxing Or MMA?

Boxing is a type of mixed martial arts that is a complete sport with its own weight classes, boxing styles, and championships. Boxing can be accessed by any person regardless of their skill level. MMA is only accessible to those with the highest skill level and those who compete in it must also compete in jiu-jitsu as well as kickboxing. Mixed martial arts has been a popular sport for more than two decades but boxing has been around for centuries and is one of the most popular sports in the world.

In Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), fighters have a wide variety of techniques to use at their disposal. This allows them to strike with a greater range and force more quickly than boxers do. This makes MMA a much faster-paced sport and more exciting for spectators. However, this doesn’t mean that MMA is superior to boxing- it just means that the two sports have different strengths and weaknesses that make them unique from one another.

Introduction: What are the Major Differences Between MMA vs Boxing?

Boxing is a sport that has been around since the 18th century, whereas Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) came into existence in the late 20th century.

The 6 Differences Between MMA vs Boxing

  1. Boxing is more popular than MMA, with millions of people watching live boxing events each year.
  2. Boxing has rounds while MMA has fights with no rounds during the end of each fight when one fighter knocks out his opponent.
  3. A boxer is restricted to punches only, whereas an MMA fighter can punch with both hands and kicks with their feet. 
  4. There is no headgear or protective equipment for boxers; whereas there are side plates and shin guards for most MMA fighters who participate in this sport regularly.
  5. Boxing has one referee whereas MMA has multiple referees
  6. There are no weight classes in boxing whereas there are weight classes in MMA.


What are the Differences Between Boxing Gloves and MMA Gloves?

The boxing gloves are the traditional gloves used in boxing. They are very hard, dense and stiff. MMA gloves are lighter, softer, and do not have the same density as traditional boxing gloves. Common boxing gloves are made of leather and other natural materials like canvas, while the MMA gloves are made of synthetic materials like rubber and plastic.

Boxing gloves provide more protection than MMA Gloves while MMA Gloves provide more mobility, flexibility, and ventilation than boxing gloves.

For beginners or less experienced boxers, boxing gloves may be better suited than MMA gloves because they offer better protection. But for experienced fighters with a higher skill set, MMA gloves might provide better performance.


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